Breakfast and desserts

Cocoa Milo 400 gr S24
Touba Halah Coffee 250 gr S24
Zena Madd Spicy and Normal Jam 450 gr S12
Chocolate Corona 250 gr S20
Red Seal Ground Coffee 250 gr S12
Luker Chocolate 250 gr 20 units.
Dairy Cow Candy 576 gr S16
Red Eagle ground coffee 250 and 500 gr
Santo Domingo roasted coffee 250 gr
Toasts 100 gr S36
Bourn Vita 500 gr S12
Nucite 252 gr
Manicho 40 gr S12 La Universal
Coconut sugar The Elements 20 Kg
Chocolate Corona cinnamon and cloves 250 gr
Ovaltine cocoa 300 gr S6