Snacks, preserves and spices

Baobab powder 200 gr S15
Sweet and salty Fyffes banana chips 70 gr x 24
Kouthia consewrva halah 350 gr S12
Begue ginger candies 100 units
Sugared peanuts 90 gr S25
Chopped spinach S12
White cayenne 100 gr 10 units
Sardine with Real tomato 425 gr S24
Ducal Cookies Noel S12
Exeter beef Halah 340 gr
L'Espadon sardines 125 grams S50
Fractionated panela 454 gr S24
Saltin Noel Cookies 12 units
L'Espadon Spicy Sardine 125 gr S50
Brown Cocada S15
Round panela 454 gr S24